Grapes are fleshy, rounded fruits that grow in clusters made up of many fruits of greenish, yellowish or purple skin. The pulp is juicy and sweet, and it contain several seeds or pips. It is a well-known fruit; it is eaten raw, although it is mainly used for making wine.The characteristic gustatory sensation of grapes is their sweet-sour taste. The main sugars found in grapes, levulose and dextrose, are of very unequal sweetness (about 1.5:1) and presumably the ratio as well as the total amount of the two may be of importance to the sweet taste (Amerine and Thoukis, 1958).Grapes are good sources of vitamin C and fiber. Red grapes also contain flavonoids, which help protect our heart, arteries and blood vessels. There are over 50 varieties of grapes grown in California. Concord grapes are native to North America.Red seedless grapes range from light red to deep purple-red, depending on variety. They have round or oblong, medium-sized berries and are crisp, sweet and juicy, sometimes with a hint of tartness.